Thursday, 3 April 2014

Welcome to the APRIL sale!!

FRIDAY UPDATE:  I was made aware yesterday that unfortunately, my yahoo email was not working for part of the day.  If you have emailed me an order and I haven't replied, please forward your order to kim{dot}chloe{at}bigpond{dot}com.  I do apologise for any inconvenience

Welcome to our second sale for the year.  I have lots of fun goodies available that I'm hoping you will love!


How to order: 
Browse through the items here in this blog post and email me with your list. 
With your order, please include:
* your name and address
* how you wish to pay

All orders within Australia will be $1.50 for standard delivery.
Orders over $35 will have free postage.
International postage will be quoted per order.

Payment methods:
Orders can be paid by your choice of Direct Deposit or PayPal. If Paypal, please include your paypal address with your order.
Payment is required within 3 days of your order confirmation please, unless otherwise arranged.

Please bear in mind that buttons may not be the same as the sample photo. Some things are drawn and cut out freehandedly or sewn by hand - so each is unique ;-). Let me know if you have any questions about anything!

Let's begin!


Rainbow Clips:
- set of 2 as shown (on LARGE paper clips)
- approx. 7cm high

Red Bling Clips $1.50

Purple Heart Clips $1.50

Blue Heart Clips $1.50

Rainbow Feathers
- 3 sizes/shapes in each foam colour
- large:
- medium:
- small:

Pink/Yellow feathers $1.50

Red/Blue feathers $1.50

Orange/Green feathers $1.50

Tied Feathers
- real feathers so each will be unique
- approx. 14cm high

Aqua tied feathers $2.50

Polaroid Frames
- set of 2 as shown
- approx. 10cm x 7.5cm

Blue Glitter Frames $1.50

Orange Glitter Frames $1.50  SORRY SOLD OUT

Green Glitter Frames $1.50
Red Glitter Frames $1.50  SORRY SOLD OUT
CHALKBOARD paper self adhesive frames $2.00  SORRY SOLD OUT
- peel off backing to adhere

Rainbow Leaves
- Large leaf approx 6cm long- Small leaf approx 4.5 cm long
- Pack of 2 foam colours plus CORK leaves as shown
- large and small leaf in each colour

Leaf Pack ONE $1.50

Leaf Pack TWO $1.50

Felt Bows
- 2 per pack as shown
- Large approx. 8cm x 3cm
- Small approx. 5.5cm x 2cm

Pink Bows $2.50

Yellow Bows $2.50

Blue Bows $2.50

Rainbow Pretty Pins
- these are on hair bobby pins so you could use as a hair accessory if you wished!
- cabochons are not all exactly the same, but will be in the same colour range

Pink Pretty Pins $4.20  SORRY SOLD OUT

Yellow Pretty Pins $4.20  SORRY SOLD OUT

Purple Pretty Pins $4.20  SORRY SOLD OUT
Peach Pretty Pins $4.20  SORRY SOLD OUT
Teal Pretty Pins $4.20  SORRY SOLD OUT
Crystal Pretty Pins $4.20
- pack of 2- each one approx. 2 inches across
Blue pinwheels $2.50  SORRY SOLD OUT
 Pink pinwheels $2.50
Yellow pinwheels $2.50
Teal/Red pinwheels $2.50

And that's it for this sale!! Thanks again for all your wonderful support, I could NOT do this without it. xxx

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